50 Albums in 2010

Hoping to purchases less in 2010, and revisit favorite album.

Wk 21 what the hell, Kevin?

Week 21

I’m already two weeks behind with these posts. I simply ran out of steam. It is a shame because I spent $15 on customizing the page. When I was first toying with the idea of this blog, I had looked at several blogging sites. I had tried Tumblr, but didn’t understand it very well, and I decided to have this blog here at WordPress.

Cut to May, where I am quite comfortable and obsessed with Tumblr. I may take my blogging about my favorite albums to Tumblr, but it wouldn’t pick up until July. I know what you’re thinking, “Lost will end on Sunday, and now this!?!” My apologies.

Here is a 30 day meme list I posted through May, at Tumblr.

I will spotlight 30 songs there through June – June Tunes

Still friends?

These are my favorite albums of 2010,  so far:


Wk 18 CQ soundtrack

This is my very favorite soundtrack.

I really like Roman Coppola’s CQ. Great film. It feeds my I-should-work-in-film phases. I will forever be a Jeremy Davies fan because of this film.

Now, about the soundtrack… It consists of twenty songs from Mellow and also songs from Claude François, Antonello Paliotti, Jacques Dutronc and Paul Piot. I like all of it and love songs like “Seek You”, “Airplane” and “CQ Song”.  It is fun, playful, kitschy, dreamy, late 60’s era pop gems. Mellow’s “Take Me Higher” has the same come-hither vibe as Bacharach’s “The Look of Love”. Great song.

There was a day when I could play several soundtracks from start to finish and I would be content. George Herbert Walker Bush was president then. Most of those soundtracks were from films that I have a hard time watching now. But CQ works so well because it can be fun background music, an intimate party soundtrack or a way to revisit the film.

How about that cover too? Uau. (Portuguese for “wow”.) I dig Angela Lindvall’s moon glasses.

I admit that it is fun to like relatively unknown films and/or soundtracks. CQ is a film I try and watch at least once a year. I think it was a carefully and semi-personal story, with rich characters, that was wonderfully crafted and filmed. It seems like Roman may have put all of his eggs in this film’s basket. If that is the case, that makes this film and its soundtrack even more rare.

happy coincidence

I noticed, on allmusic.com, that the soundtrack was released eight years ago today, on 30 April 2010.

Playlist Bookend Recommendations

Burt Bacharach: Casino Royale > CQ > April March: Chrominance Decoder

Françoise Hardy: Les Chansons D’amour > CQ > Pizzicato Five: Guilty Pleasures

Wk 17 Dark Days / Light Years by Super Furry Animals

Week 17. This album ranked #4 on my best of 2009 list.

I hate the sleeve cover.

(so I’ll use this image again)

Ugly with Furry

I love Super Furry Animals. They were to my post-college years, as “Weird” Al was to my junior high years.

This was the first SFA album, since Radiator, that required my full attention.

On last.fm, Dark Days/Light Years ranks #12 on my overall albums list.

There a few tracks like “Inconvenience” and “Pric” that I could cut off and never miss. Then there are tracks like “The Very Best of Neil Diamond“,  “Cardiff In the Sun“, “Inaugural Trams“, “Moped Eyes” and “Where Do You Wanna Go?” that are now some of my very favorite SFA songs.

This album is a goodie bag with lots of treats. I know I haven’t discovered everything that this album has to offer.

Playlist Bookend Recommendations

Tears for Fears: Elemental > Dark Days / Light Years > Belle and Sebastian: The BBC Sessions

Hot Rats: Turn Ons > Dark Days / Light Years > Björk: Post

Wk 16 Between the Buttons by The Rolling Stones

Week 16. Also late. Sorry. First, if I had to choose between the UK and US versions of Between the Buttons, I would always choose the UK version. I have never been a fan of “Let’s Spend the Night Together.” Second, this is probably my favorite Stones album, though  Aftermath has its amazing points too. I was introduced to this album through The Royal Tennenbaums. Wes Anderson used “She Smiled Sweetly” so well that I immediately had to go find its album. I could thank director Howard Deutch for using “Miss Amanda Jones” in Some Kind of Wonderful, but it was a cover. Amanda Jones was Lea Thompson’s character’s name, not to be confused with Amanda’s sister, Janie.

they watch me at work

While preparing some scattered matter for this post, it dawned on me that I like more Stones songs, than Beatles songs. Rock Band Beatlettes may scream, “blaspheme!”, but it’s true. The Beatles songs that I love, I love more than any given Stones song, but I like more songs by the Stones.

I have very fond memories of listening to Buttons the only time I  drove the canyon from Tabiona to Woodland.

This album has so many gems like ” Cool, Calm, Collected”, “Yesterday’s Papers”, “Miss Amanda Jones”, “Complicated”, “Ruby Tuesday” and “Connection”. A fantastic album.

I was very happy the day I found my own copy of Between the Buttons, on vinyl, at Randy’s Records. Thanks, Randy.

Brian is listed as having played eighteen different instruments on this album. I’m not a Brian Jones-Era Stones purist, but I think what he added to this album is what makes this album a favorite. If and when I can introduce my kids to The Stones, I’ll start with Between the Buttons.

dumb fact about this post

The sixteenth Friday of 2010 fell on the sixteenth of April.

Playlist Bookend Recommendations

Blur: Modern Life is Rubbish> Between the Butons > The Morning Benders: Big Echo

The Strokes: Is This It ? > Between the Buttons > Blondie: Parallel Lines

Wk 15 – Red of Tooth and Claw by Murder By Death

Week 15. I am sorry that I am two “weeks” behind. I’m not sure if this was worth the wait, but this is what I have prepared.

My nephew introduced me to Murder By Death. I was finally able to see them perform live earlier this month.

dumb derhay fact

Murder By Death was always “MBD” when I made notes for mixes, until I discover My Brightest Diamond. Then, that changed.

Playlist Bookend Recommendations

Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs: Dirt Don’t Hurt > Red of Tooth and Claw > Morhphine: The Night

BRMC: Howl > Red of Tooth and Claw > Murder By Death: Good Morning, Magpie

Wk 14 – Souljacker by Eels

Week 14. I was stoked to review this album. Jonathan Fire*Eater is fantastic, but you either have access to their music, or you don’t. Souljacker is still in circulation. I first bonded with this album whilst driving through Utah back country, on a work assignment. I reflected on that trip yesterday. Also, in preparation for this review, I tried to write down as many track titles from Souljacker as I could, without looking at my Touch. Of the dozen tracks on it, I was able to name eleven of the them. Nine of them to the letter. I missed “Friendly Ghost”, “Teenage Witch” and “What Is the Note?”. (“Friendly Ghost” makes me think of Casper, and thinking of Casper always makes me think Wendy is in the title of “Teenage Witch”. Silly me.)

Okay, so I have listened to this album quite a bit. I don’t think I could pass that test with Revolver or Houses of the Holy. (Though maybe I should.)

Lots to Love

For me, Souljacker is like a favorite, time-worn comic book. It is an album, and I love listening to it as such. I love the storytelling in “Bus Stop Boxer” and the chaotic freak-outs of  “That’s Not Really Funny”. I love the memories made from putting “Fresh Feeling” on an early mixtape for my wife. I love rocking out to “Souljacker, Part I“. I love being lost in “Woman Driving, Man Sleeping” and the schizophrenia of  “Jungle Telegraph”. This is such a fun, solid album. There are sparse moments and moments where a lot is thrown at your ears, but it is all well-crafted and awesome. Oh, I kinda like this album.

Playlist Bookend Recommendations

Beck: Odelay > Souljacker > Hot Rats: Turn Ons

Spoon: A Series of Sneaks > Souljacker > Blitzen Trapper: Furr

Note: I will have a chance to see next week’s featured artist perform tomorrow night! Shazam!

Wk 13 – Wolf Songs for Lambs by Jonathan Fire*Eater

Week 13.

Okay, so Jonathan Fire*Eater is one of my very favorite bands and Wolf Songs for Lambs contains five of my very favorite songs from them. Granted I only have Wolf Songs and  Tremble Under Boom Lights, but fulfill the need for a JF*E fix. I love how their music sounds familiar and yet is their own thing. I can’t say that I love every song on the album, but it never fails to entertain and I’m always discovering new things within the lyrics and the production.

Those five favorites

When the Curtain Calls for Youlive

The Shape of Things That Never Came

No Love Like That

I’ve Changed Hotels

These Little Monkeys

“Videos” of songs

This Is My Room

Bipolar Summer

Everybody Plays the Mime

Station Coffee

A Night in the Nursery

Impatient Talent Showlive

Playlist Bookend Recommendations

The Walkmen: Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone > Wolf Songs for Lambs > Lionrock: City Delerious

The Rolling Stones: More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) > Wolf Songs for Lambs > The Dirtbombs: Ultraglide in Black

(you can blame my new fascination with Tumblr for the scant review this week – I’ll bulk it up later)